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Crist gets support from state Sen. Lawson

Charlie Crist just picked up an interesting endorsement in his bid for U.S. Senate: state Senate Minority Leader Al Lawson of Tallahassee. Lawson, who just narrowly lost a primary race against Congressman Allen Boyd, would be the most high-profile Democrat to endorse Crist's independent bid over Democratic Congressman Kendrick Meek.

Other Democrats include two lawmakers from South Florida, Ari Porth and Maria Sachs, as well as St. Petersburg Rep. Darryl Rouson.

From a Crist campaign statement: "Florida desperately needs an independent Senator in Washington who will fight for good jobs and economic opportunity, a quality education for every child, and Social Security for all of our seniors regardless of what the political party bosses want," said Senator Lawson. "Charlie Crist will be exactly that Senator, and I am proud to endorse his candidacy."

“I am honored by the support of Senate Democratic Leader Al Lawson,” said Governor Crist. “Senator Lawson has been a champion for working families for his entire career, whether it be fighting for jobs, the environment, or good schools. I look forward to working with him when I’m elected to the United States Senate."


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Concerned voter

Way to go folks for choosing principal over Party.

Just watch out for the Party hacks who will be upset with logical thought.

Moderate Demcrat

Maria Sachs you are my hero!

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