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Crist's GOP supporters disguised as Democrats

Last I checked, state Sen. Mike Fasano was a Republican. But his political committee backing Gov. Charlie Crist's unorthodox bid for the U.S. Senate, Friends for Freedom and Prosperity, has a new mailing that reads as if it has the Democratic party's best interests at heart.

The sad reality is, our party's nominee for the U.S. Senate can't win the election. And every vote for him moves the Republican, Marco Rubio, closer to victory...It's a difficult decision for Florida Democrats, but our future depends on it.

One side of the mailing features a mock-up of a newspaper's front page with the headline, "Rubio Elected to U.S. Senate.''  The idea is to scare Democrats into voting for Crist.

Here's the other side of the mailing

IMG00040-20100926-0806 (2)


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Saint Petersblog

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This mailer stands for the proposition that Floridians should put Charlie first because all that counts in his world is himself. The audacity of the guy claiming that a vote for Rubio will put Meeks in office. It should be the other way around - that a vote for Crist may put Meeks in. It's all about you Charlie isn't it. We Floridians are tired of your narcasistic values, which is the only value you ever followed.


The weasely little Sentor Fasano is the high priest of the Cristoholics, the cult of personality surrounding Mr. Cristo Change-O.

But what do you expect from a guy whose chief accomplishment in the real world has been a street-crossing guard who lives with his mom.


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