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Crist's new one-two punch against Rubio, Meek

With a headline courtesy of a supporter of Democrat Kendrick Meek, here's Charlie Crist's latest ad in the U.S. Senate race. One quick fact check: The ad says Meek steered government contracts toward an "indicted developer" without making it clear that the developer was indicted AFTER the Miami congressman sought federal money for his project. Also, Republican Marco Rubio denies being investigated by the IRS.


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What we don't need in the Senate is Mr. Cristo Change-O who has no guiding princples or moral character except what's best for himself and his cronies.

Clowns to the left; jokers to the right

Give em hell Charlie!

Boycott Marco Rubio

That right !! Any business that has a Rubio sign,refuse to do business with them. They have a right to their sign, and we have a right to take our business elsewhere. Tell your friends, neighbors and co-workers. Boycott Marco Rubio !!!


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