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Debbie Wasserman Schultz: The Sarah Palin of the left?

She's one suggestion to the question posed by Salon: "Who's the Sarah Palin of the Left?

"In terms of a new media presence, Wasserman Schultz has a very engaging Twitter, and if she had a bolder national presence and more followers, she could really make a Web impact," contributor Jessica Grose writes.

Here's the column that sparked progressive bloggers to cast about for a Palin of their own.


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You're delusional right? Sarah Palin can fill just about any stadium in America. Debbie Wasserman Schultz would be lucky to fill her walk-in closet.


Shrillness is what they have in common, for sure.

True Blue

No, Sarah is hot and stupid.

Debbie is not so hot, but has a brain.


Debbie may have a brain, but hasn't used it to help her constituents. She only follows the brainless direction of Pelosi, Reid and Obama. Because she hasn't used it, it's turning blue!!!

Doris Weatherford

Here's the difference between these two women: Sarah Palin quits when the job gets tough/mundane, not even finishing one term as governor of Alaska. Debbie continued to serve in Tallahassee while she was pregnant with twins -- and to serve well. In Washington, she has kept quiet about repeated surgeries for breast cancer, not seeking sympathy or attention, but instead courageously and steadily working for health care and more for the rest of us. Which would you want as your leader in a crisis?

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