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Dems launch two more ads attacking Scott, introducing Sink

Who needs an attack ad when you have the media to do it? That's the situation the Alex Sink camp is in today with a new three-pack ad being aired by the Florida Democratic Party and another featuring Sink comparing her business record with Republican Rick Scott's.

The ad called "Trust" snatches quotes from television reports on Columbia/HCA's "medicare fraud." It quotes a television interview: "He took the fifth amendment 75 times in his last deposition" and it ends with a Fox News anchor asking: "The question here is how could you have missed such an abuse by your own company?"

The second ad, dubbed "Integrity" features Sink in a soft voice, with barely a sign of her southern accent, "saying Floridians have a lot of questions about Rick Scott." She quotes his company's $1.7 billion in fines and her bank's $1.7 billion in loans "Newspapers say I ran my company with honest and integrity," she says.



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