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DGA: Rick Scott is the Madoff of Medicare, the best candidate Dems could want

The Democratic Governors Association argued in a conference call this morning that amid all the challenges facing the Democrats this year gubernatorial races are a bright spot where Democrats are looking to pick make gains rather than just minimize losses. And few if any states look brighter for a pick off than Florida:

"There is no state that I think better represents what's at stake in 2010 because it is an open seat governor's race with a very, very clear contrast between the parties,'' said executive director Nathan Daschle. "It is obviously a 2012 presidential battleground. And it also a state that is going to undergo redistricting, and the governor plays a very important role in that. So Florida is in some sense the trifecta of all this is important about 2010."

He and strategist John Anzalone argued that Republicans are miscalculated that the apparent Republican wave looming effects state races the way it may federal races.

The DGA feels better than ever about Sink's prospects, Daschle said, because Sink is getting stronger and stronger, Bud Chiles has dropped out, and Rick Scott is the GOP nominee: "We couldn't have asked for a better candidate to run against, simply because Rick Scott I think represents all that is going on in the Republican party right now and has a very clear contrast with Alex Sink. Rick Scott is the Madoff of Medicare. This is the guy who;s company had the single largest settlement for medicare and medicaid fraud, $1.7-billion. ... He pleaded the Fifth 75 times in depositions. I don't know how he can credibly say he wants to be the governor of this state."

-- Adam Smith


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Medicare fraudster Rick Scott as Governor would be a disaster for Florida. Let's show Scott that our state is not for sale. All responsible Floridians, regardless of party, need to unite behind Alex Sink.

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