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FEC complaint filed against David Rivera

A Democratic donor from Miami has filed a complaint against state Rep. David Rivera, asking the Federal Election Commission to investigate whether the Republican congressional candidate violated campaign finance laws by "coordinating'' attacks on Democrat opponent Joe Garcia with a political committee intended to remain independent.

The complaint, submitted by criminal defense attorney William Barzee, alleges there is a link between Rivera's campaign and a group named Voters Response. The link, Barzee says, is Rivera spokeswoman Sarah Bascom, of Tallahassee-based Bascom Communications & Consulting.

Federal campaign finance reports show Rivera's campaign has not made any payments to Bascom.

Voters Response, a Florida electioneering committee that has sent out fliers attacking Garcia in the hotly contested race, has twice made payments totaling $3,000 to Bascom Communications, according to the reports.

"It's outside the rules,'' said Barzee. ``It's wrong and it's avoiding accountability.''

Unlike Florida law, federal campaign-finance law prohibits candidates from coordinating their campaign efforts with third-party groups.

But Bascom and David Ramba, who heads Voters Response, said the committee is not working with Rivera. Full story here.


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Is Ramba as slimy as they come or only slightly less slimy?

George Fuller

Rivera is a good solid guy who:

1. Wanted drivers licenses for illegal aliens.

2. Worked with Rubio in 2008 and blocked all immigration bills from committee hearings.

3. in 2009 joined with Zapata and 9 other legislators to file three amendments to kill HB 567, a bill to prohibit Sanctuary Cities.

Yep, he's a great guy, solid citizen, a real American........Heaven help us if he gets elected.


Bascom is still working for Rivera. how is she being paid?

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