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FL GOP holds back audit, may sue Crist, Greer

The Republican Party of Florida decided today not to release a long-awaited audit of its spending under ousted chairman Jim Greer, while his successor accused Gov. Charlie Crist of using party money on "inappropriate expenses" and threatened to sue.

Chairman John Thrasher said the party would decide in the next 7-10 days whether to sue Crist, Greer and former executive director Delmar Johnson to recoup "hundreds of thousands of dollars.''

Thrasher suggested that Crist traveled with Greer and Johnson to Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles on party money but not on party business.

Asked if the party was trying to embarrass Crist, who is running as an independent candidate for the U.S. Senate against GOP nominee Marco Rubio, Thrasher said, "They can say what they want. I'm confident the (audit) speaks for itself."


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Moderate Republican in Naples

What are Rubio and the Party hacks hiding?

Bloggy Bayou

Lesson NOT Learned: The Republican Party Of Florida (RPOF) Shoots Itself in the Foot Again



Moderate Republican in Naples

Bloggy is right.

The Party hack buffons are in charge.

Give em hell Charlie!

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