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FL GOP one big, happy, (slightly dysfunctional) family

Florida Republicans declared themselves one big happy family at their annual gathering Friday, seeking to banish any hard feelings lingering from a divisive governor's race before the high-stakes Nov. 2 election.

At this reunion of hundreds of party activists, politicians and donors, gubernatorial nominee Rick Scott is the uncle who married into the family and makes everybody a little nervous. Senate contender Marco Rubio, the former House Speaker and a national star, is the favorite son. And President Barack Obama is the bitter enemy who binds them together.

``This is like the world's biggest Kumbaya party,'' said Sid Dinerstein, chairman of the Palm Beach County Republican Party. ``I didn't need a unity speech.''

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Moderate Republican

There is a Party hijacking goin on by the extreme far right.

Even McCollum knows.

Give em hell Charlie!


Florida Republicans are in denial. Rubio may crank this one out according to the latest polls which could make Meek the spoiler in the race if he doesn't cross that 35% threshold. The Tea Party "wingnuts" are in full battle gear. Charlie Crist is the only candidate who can bring sensibility back and unite Floridians. Signed a Moderate Democrat

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