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Gelber calls for a team of public corruption lawyers

Pointing to the dozens of indictments of public officials, Democratic attorney general candidate Dan Gelber on Friday called for a new unit dedicated to investigating public corruption in state government.

“Floridians are really tired of the overwhelming influence of special interests, the overwhelming influence of money,” said Gelber, of Miami Beach. “They read about back-room deals that stink to high heaven, and they wonder why nothing ever happens to them.”

Gelber said the unit would consist of a mix of U.S. Department of Justice lawyers as well as a few attorneys from the state attorney general’s office. Gelber has written U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder about the proposal, but has not yet received a response.

Several high profile cases – such as a fancy new courthouse and the indictment of Ray Sansom – were sparked by newspaper reports. Gelber did not discuss other potential  cases, but said the team “would have plenty of work to do. And it would result in a change in the behavior of state government.”


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Ed Slavin


Robert Kennedy said if "we do not ... attack organized criminals with weapons and techniques as effective as their own, they will destroy us."

Ed Slavin

Republican AG nominee Bondi is part of the party whose politics of greed have created the corruption crisis in Florida, which FBI ranks as our modt corrupt state. I'm voting for Dan Gelber.

Ed Slavin

Bondi is intellectually bankrupt and insults citizens' intelligence with her DC talking points

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