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George LeMieux on Dream Act: "Sympathetic" but a likely no vote

College students -- and Kendrick Meek -- have been pressuring George LeMieux to vote for the Dream Act to give students in the U.S. illegally a chance to become residents.

But he sure sounds like a "no" vote for the legislation that would be attached to a defense spending bill. On the Senate floor, he just noted that as Dream Act opponent Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions noted, "this amendment has not gone through the judicial committee.

"Many in my state support the bill," LeMieux said. "It's a very difficult situation for kids who are brought to this country and it's no fault of their own. I understand that and I am sympathetic, but to attach this to this bill without trying to fix our broken immigration system is disingenous and irresponsible."

His position will come as a disappointment to members of Students Working for Equal Rights and the
Florida Immigrant Coalition who are convening today at Miami Dade College to watch the Senate proceedings.

"We will be following every minute of the session in the Senate floor," said Felipe Matos, who walked the Trail of Dreams from Miami to Washington earlier this year, to call national attention to the DREAM Act. "We call on Senator LeMieux not to let us down and, instead, support Florida’s future."


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A bill such as the DREAM ACT deserve intelligent discussions , less emotions and TO brush ofF all garbage outthere speaking oNly about the cost of immigrations while totally denying or ignoring the contributions made by them , or throught the taxes they are paying !

Victor Pafundi

The children of foreign nationals, brought into our country illegally, do not have the Rights of American citizens. They are not American.
Like the families that brought them here, these "children" are also foreign nationals. They are entitled to what ever their parents home countries have to offer them. If they are in any sense of the word, 'victims,' they are victims of their parents criminal behavior. That is obvious.
Likewise, if they have siblings who were later born here, in America, they too are foreign nationals! None in the family are American citizens. Only children born to American citizens, or naturalize American citizens, can be American citizens.
The entire family are citizens of their parents native country, not ours! They 'deserve' nothing but what their families native countries have to offer them. That is where they should seek their Social Services, Higher Education, Work, and other 'rewards.'
Regarding the 14th Amendment. Let us be clear. The Amendment was not written to reward children of foreign nationals. That is also very clear. The Amendment was not written to
Gift the children of foreign nationals! Especially foreign nationals who are in our country illegally. It was never its intent to reward criminal families, and certainly never the intent to reward such dishonorable behavior with the Honor of American Citizenship!

To suggest or argue that this was the case is absolutely ludicrous, and a direct affront to rational AMERICAN thinking. Our laws have be perverted for far too long.
Sen. LeMieux is doing the right thing, for America and the American People. He should reject rewards for foreign nationals, no matter what their self-inflicted plight may be. Such families knowingly set themselves up for this. They knew they were breaking the law. They did this, no matter what their personal motivation may have been.
This is their problem, Americans want nothing to do with it. They can take it back to the home they left.

Brad Thang

Does anyone know how much this is?

Brad Thang

Does anyone know how much this is?

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