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In new ad, Scott continues SBA attack

In a new ad, Rick Scott continues to hit opponent Alex Sink over losses at the State Board of Administration. The ad, featuring an old clip of Sink calling herself the "fiscal watchdog" of Florida who will "look over how our citizens' money is invested." The ad also includes the misleading phrase: "Who was in charge of Florida’s investments? Alex Sink." (Despite Sink's damning quote, we all know by now that Sink is one of three trustees.)

This isn't the first SBA-related ad. Here's PolitiFact's take on the earlier ad, as well as Sink's response.

For this week's ad buys, Sink and the Democrats are spending about $2 million and Scott and the RPOF are spending about $3 million. Sink is spending more in South Florida, while Scott is spending more in north Florida.


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Johnny Lightning

Wait a second. Of the three SBA Trustees, wasn't Sink the Chief FINANCIAL Officer?

Isn't Sink the former banker who touts all her financial and business experience?

Admit it, Sink screwed up. At least Scott took responsinbility for his foul-ups. And the taxpayers got their money back.

Where's the $24 Billion Sink Lost?


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