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Is Deb! ripping off Jeb! ?

Ah, the ironies.

Democrat Deborah Gianoulis is trying to knock off Republican Sen. John Thrasher -- and she's using what looks like the red-and-white logo of Thrasher buddy Jeb Bush to do it. Copyright infringement? Maybe, Republicans grumble.

Decide for yourself.



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On a beach and acting like one, too

She's an idiot. Clearly she's violating federal trademark law. Why would we vote for someone who steals ideas?


Your above statement is totally ridiculous. If Jeb has a trademark on "Jeb!" How exactly does that allow him to own "Deb!"? It is not the same name... unless he has a trade mark on a three letter name with an "eb" on the end, and an "exclamation mark" in white font on a red background. I'd like to see that trademark registration.

George Fuller

Are your sure that isn't Barbara Boxer in the pic?


You can't trademark your name, a common font, or the color red. Different font, no underline, additional text...

No story here.




It just shows how desperate Republicans are. With people like Thrasher and Bush running the show - who in his/her right mind would vote for them? And now they give us a candidate for Governor who is a real crook. Oh, my...!

Tampa Voter

Makes Jeb! look completely foolish.

The Wizaed

Once again too clever by half from (Un)Principled Creative. This firm is legendary in NE FL for grapping defeat from the jaws of victory. Several years ago, in one City Council race that had five candidates, they worked for all four losers in a six month period!

Guess their bragging that they knew how to "fool" Republicans into thinking that Jeb! was backing Deb? isn't working out the way that they had it planned.

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