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Jeb calls Marco's message 'Reagan-esque'

Former Gov. Jeb Bush was on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" today talking about being a "huge fan" of U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio.



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Independent voter

The puppet master speaks about his puppet.


Things will change close to election time….The President is mobilizing the grass roots and Democratic base is slowly responding,…however if the “Tea Party” wins this time around in 2010 they will be voted out by the sleeping giant democratic base and the country when they won’t deliver. They will be blocked in congress by the democrats just like the republicans have been blocking the democratic efforts to fix the country..so come 2012 and Tea Party will be out….this is only temporary…and not everyone is angry about the same things….You may see a suprise in this Novermber, I rather have the Democrats win anytime, I do not trust the SMALL GOVERNMENT UTOPIA and CONSTITUTIONAL crap these Tea baggies and republicans support….THE COMPLEXITIES OF THE USA and the abuses of the Private Industry and abuses to the capitalist system has also created a lot of anger and a lot of people want and cry for a bigger government….so lets see where the chips fall …..at least for myself I go democrat all the way

By the way…Marco Rubio is an embarrasment to the Cuban American democrats of florida….
his switching positions to align himself with the Tea Party just proves he has a weak character and very unstable set of beliefs...one time he was AntiArizona now he is for Arizona law??? regardless his right wing radical position may help him temporarily but it will hurt him in the long run, hope more Cuban Americans vote AGAINST RUBIO !!!


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There is NO TRUTH IN POLITICS there are only positions ....!!!


LOL@Mahilena - "Democratic base" - Where? The average Democrat is currently homeless due to his/her party being hijackjed by ultra-liberals. These ultra-liberals(marxists) make up a tiny percent of the American people, so there will be no major "rallying" around the current leadership. Most people in this country are fairly conservative, and this President and Congress have just shown those people just how bad it can be.
It's so bad that Democrats currently running aren't even bringing up things like Health care, cap and trade, etc, because they are trying to distance themselves from the President because they know he's on a sinking ship.
Will the democrats cease power again? Sure, but it won't be for a LONG time. And it certainly will be ceased by a group of more moderate democrats, and not these statists we have today.


LOL@Adam your are such a fool, have you drank the Hannity's or Beck's cool aid ....look at Saturday's demonstrtion in DC.... half of the country is a democrat and in favor of Obama and liberal causes, you are just protecting the old white male power base which is eroding fast and you know it ....the country will soon be a majority liberal and minorities will become majority.... Obama is in a winning ship and he will be reelected then you will have to hide your head under our pillow.....and liberals are not Marxist, you want to say that say it but independents know better that this is not the case, Marxists do not engage in Democratic values, Social Democrats yes, but SOCIAL JUSTICE WITH DEMOCRACY IS THE WAY TO GO....


@ Mahilena, Cubans like myself are going to come out and vote for Marco like we have never voted for anyone before! Marco will be our first Hispanic Vice President or President of the United States! And it's Castro/Obama lovers like yourself that can go back to Cuba on a raft. You embarrass us! Viva Rubio!!!! =)


Omar, I am not a Castro lover....but I am embarrased by Rubio....I am an american business woman and a technical manager and I am proud of being an American with Cuban heritage, but Rubio is not an example of a CubanAmerican he is gargabe in my eyes....Abajo Rubio, he iwll never be an American Presedent or Vice President...he is another teabagger with no respect for all of those suffering from the economic disaster caused by Republicans and the abuses of capitalism


Mahilena, I too am a Cuban American and I couldn't agree with you more! Rubio, yes very smart...but dangerous. This spiral downward started with Bush and you Rebublicans who don't care about anyone but yourselves...so greedy!!! And when Obama tries to have anything passed; even if it is right and good for the people, you knock it down. You should be ashamed of yourselves....the Party of Arrogance and Greed!!!


Rubio said a while ago he wanted to privatize Social Security...lately he flipped flopped and changed his tune because of Meeks response to him....it is clear Rubio changes with the wind that will make him more popular but his base even if he wants to hide it is to side with the Tea Baggers in eliminating all the important 20th century legislation on Civil Rights and social justice...he is a hypocrete and a liar....he does have a very weak character!!

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