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In ad, Joe Garcia bashes David Rivera for incident on Palmetto Expressway

On the heels of the campaign of Republican state Rep. David Rivera going on TV, rival Democrat Joe Garcia is on the air attacking Rivera for a 2002 crash with a mail truck on the Palmetto Expressway.

Here's the the ad, titled "News," which calls Rivera "an accident waiting to happen":

The ad refers to a local CBS News piece and a Miami Herald story about a 2002 accident on the Palmetto between Rivera and a Liberty Mail truck.

Rivera has said the truck hit him as his car and the truck were pulling back onto the highway. They had pulled over on the Palmetto, according to Rivera, so that he could retrieve a batch of his mailers from the truck because he did not trust that the company -- which was also doing work for his opponent -- would send out the materials. Rivera's campaign has denied that he ran the truck off the road, as the ad states.

Liberty Mail's current president told the Herald that Rivera never complained about the company's work, nor did Rivera remove any mailers from the truck -- and that Rivera's car hit the mail truck.

According to a crash report from the Florida Highway Patrol, the driver blamed Rivera for the collision, and Rivera said the truck struck his car, causing $400 in damage. Because of the conflicting statements, no action was taken against either action.

Along with the TV spot, Garcia's campaign launched a website attacking Rivera, DavidRiveraTruth.com.


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Finally! It is about time omeone called out this thug on his bad behavior.

Carlos Guzman

but the cuban faithful will most likely support him 60/40 than Garcia. It's sad that because people out there are so partisan that we are gonna have a crook in our district. It wasnt bad enough the Lincoln gave his seat to his baby brother when the 25th got more competitive but to give the seat to this crook? an insult to history and decency


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