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Joe Garcia campaigns with Nancy Pelosi

Democratic congressional hopeful Joe Garcia appeared with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at a campaign event Sunday afternoon to try to rally the female vote to go to the polls in November.

"We know we have the support, but we have to have people vote," said Pelosi, who spoke at a reception at the Coral Gables home of Miami criminal defense attorney Roy Black. "We have to have no regrets" on election night, she added.

Pelosi was met with applause from the about 70 people in the crowd when she praised President Barack Obama and the federal healthcare reform plan and President Barack Obama. She called Garcia, whom she also campaigned for in 2008, a "force" and someone "who really listens to other people."

Garcia, who unlike his party backs a free-trade agreement with Colombia, said Pelosi met with a handful of Colombian-American leaders at an earlier fundraiser at the home of ex-Hialeah Mayor Raul Martinez. "We won't always agree," Garcia said, but "you know where I stand."

He took some shots at his opponent, Republican state Rep. David Rivera, criticizing the Florida House budget chief for wanting to repeal healthcare reform and for voting in favor of a state budget this year that hiked fees.

In a statement, National Republican Congressional Committee spokeswoman Joanna Burgos said, "You are the company you keep and the fact that Joe Garcia has no problem being affiliated with liberal Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi and corrupt Raul Martinez should be a warning sign to Florida voters. If elected, Garcia would be a rubber stamp for Pelosi’s tax-and-spend agenda and would have no problem turning a blind eye to corruption and scandal. In a time of economic recession, Florida families need fiscal discipline and genuine leadership -– not Joe Garcia."

Countered Garcia: "When Raul was mayor of Hialeah, he had a balanced budget," Garcia said. "If Florida's budget has a problem it's because the budget chair in the house, David Rivera, did something wrong, not Nancy Pelosi."


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South Florida Cuban

Joe is for jobs.

Mike from Ft. Lauderdale

No wonder this guy continues to lose elections!!! Who's advising this guy?


If Joe could not get elected in the "Year of Obama", he's just wasting his (and everyone else's Time.


No pics of the event? I wonder why? Joe and Nancy side by side. PRICELESS!!

George Vreeland Hill

I support Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.
The Dems have gotten us out of economic messes before, and they will do so this time.
Remember that it was the Republican Party that put us in this mess in the first place.
The GOP sat there while the economy was sinking like Bush sat in a chair reading an upside down book during 9/11.
The Democrats are trying to fix things, but the fact is that it will take more than two years to get us back on track.
The Republicans point fingers and say the Dems are doing nothing or not enough, but they will not admit that this depression/recession is their fault.
The corrupt Republicans stole, lied, laughed and got rich while America suffered.
Now they want to get back in power.
We will not forget the Bush years and the GOP buddy system.
Think when you vote and don't panic like the Republicans want you to do.
Continue taking this country back from them.
Your freedom and future are on the line.
Vote Democrat.
I am,

George Vreeland Hill

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