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Joe Garcia, David Rivera can't escape Cuba

The campaign websites and stump speeches of congressional hopefuls David Rivera and Joe Garcia don't mention the defining issue of their careers: Cuba.

In a year when the political refrain is jobs, neither candidate wants to risk being seen as out-of-touch by emphasizing an issue that affects a vocal minority in the sprawling, diverse 25th congressional district, which stretches from Homestead and Doral and across the Everglades to near Naples.

Yet Cuba is a passionate point of contention in the fiery race between Rivera, a Republican, and Garcia, a Democrat. The two Cuban Americans -- who at different times each worked for the same powerful Cuban-exile group -- back the trade embargo and a ban on U.S. tourist travel, but are otherwise at odds on greater engagement with the island.

For evidence, look no further than their campaign contributions: Those who want more travel to Cuba are contributing to Garcia. Those in favor of keeping tougher sanctions against Cuba back Rivera. Full story here.