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Klein internal poll shows him beating West

Democratic U.S. Rep. Ron Klein released an internal poll today which showed he is ahead of his Republican opponent Allen West 48-40 percent. The poll states that since May West's unfavorables have nearly tripled to 26 percent and he is far ahead among independents.

Klein is in a fierce battle with West in Congressional District 22 which spans parts of coastal and suburban Broward and Palm Beach counties.

This is the first poll that the Klein campaign has released though it did a separate poll earlier this year. The poll was conducted Sept. 14-16 among 500 registered voters.

West released his own internal poll in April which showed him ahead of the Congressman 44-42 percent, but that fell within the margin of error.

West's campaign manager Josh Grodin said that according to their campaign tracking in recent days West and Klein are still within that margin of error.

"Our tracking shows us a much tighter race," Grodin said. West's tracking shows his favorable to unfavorable at 42-23 and Klein's at 41-40. Grodin did not release any documents showing the tracking but supplied this information in a telephone conversation. 

Here are some of the key points in the memo from Anzalone-Liszt, the firm that did the Klein poll:

* Ron Klein currently leads 48% to 40%. Klein’s support is solid across demographic and

geographic lines – even in this tough political environment he leads 52% to 32% with

registered independents.

* Klein leads in both major media markets. He leads 49% to 39% in Broward County, and

48% to 39% in Palm Beach. Klein’s lead in the expensive and inefficient Miami media

market will be particularly difficult for Allen West to overcome.

* Klein has built a strong connection with a district in which it’s notoriously difficult to

communicate and get free press. Almost half (49%) of the voters in the district say

they’ve been contacted by Ron Klein, and among those voters he leads 52% to 38%.

* Klein is getting the better of the paid communications battle, and has tripled West's unfavorable rating since April