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Mailing it in: Dems attempt to paint Republicans as the 'usual suspects'


Hitting mail boxes this week is the latest installment in the Florida Democratic strategy to push their slate of statewide candidates by using the procession of recent problems at the Republican Party of Florida.

The mailer (here), which follows a similar piece distributed Saturday, is stamped three times with reminders for voters to return their mail ballots.

Inside the mailer are the St. Petersburg Times front pages following the arrests of former House Speaker Ray Sansom and former state Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer. It also mentions Republican U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio's recurring credit card questions and the record Medicare fraud committed by GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott's former hospital company.

"It's a great script for comedy," according to the piece, "but the joke has been on us."


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It's too bad that the entire G. NO. P. legislature couldn't be put on the piece.

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