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Meek led in TV ads last week

The latest analysis of the U.S. Senate race by the Nielsen Company found Democrat Kendrick Meek ran the most ads during the week of Sept. 13, though only 1 percent of them ran in primetime slots.

Nielsen says Republican Marco Rubio was dark in his hometown market of Miami for the second week in a row, instead focusing on Orlando and Tampa Bay. Gov. Charlie Crist was heaviest in the same areas and bypassed Jacksonville. More here: Download FL Sen Media Analysis 9-13-10


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Meek is wasting money. Does a tree make a noise if it falls in the woods.


Rubio's campaign has been extremely successful at intimating the media by personally attacking them every time they try to bring up important issues. As a result, the media has been handling Marco with kid's gloves. Marco has been allowed to cruise along like a spectator of his own campaign, "driving the car from the back seat". Marco does not feel any obligation to present a platform or answer any question about his record.
Kudos to Beth for at least trying to bring up those issues that Marco hopes will go away. What's the purpose of the first amendment, if the media do not feel free to do their job?

Independent voter

ycb: You are a truth-teller.


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