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Meek's 'Meet the Press' trash talk

Campaigning tonight in Delray Beach, Democratic Senate candidate Kendrick Meek raised the stakes for his debate Sunday against Republican rival Marco Rubio on NBC's "Meet the Press."

"A lot of people running around here with low expectations, 'Oh my God, we need to start praying for Kendrick,' " the Miami congressman told a crowd of about 150 people. "Let me tell you something. You need to start praying for Marco."

The third major candidate in the race, Republican-turned-independent governor Charlie Crist, is taking a pass on the debate.

"The governor decided not to come. No position. No voice,'' Meek said. "That's fine because him and Marco Rubio agree on 96 percent of the issues. So he will be represented there, via Marco Rubio."

He added: "Ladies and gentlemen, I am going to make you proud on Sunday, and I am going to make sure that everyone who ever doubted my candidacy will know that I am there fighting on behalf of people of good will."


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Poor Charlie Crist--where's the love?

Moderate Demcrat

whasup: I guess you better start praying for Marco.

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