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Meek's new ad seeks to set him apart

Democratic Senate candidate Kendrick Meek is going up with his first television ad of the general election today. It's a fun spot that tries to set him apart from his better-known rivals, Marco Rubio and Gov. Charlie Crist, in a lighthearted way. There's Meek on an air boat! On a bus! At a fast food joint!

Appearing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe,'' Meek told host Joe Scarborough that Democrats will eventually support him over Crist.

"The governor is all over the board with his commitments. You can't trust his word,'' Meek said. "People are going to start to come home...because they know where I am going to stand when I get to Washington, D.C. as a U.S. Senator.''

On President Obama, whose poll numbers are causing headaches for some members of his party on the ballot, Meek sounded more distant than the congressman who eagerly grabbed a corned beef sandwich with him before the primary:  "If the president wants to come to Florida, he's welcome to come to Florida. I think it's a good thing when you can show a relationship...It's important with me being the next senator from the state of Florida, to have a working relationship with the president.''


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A VOTE FOR KENDRICK IS A VOTE FOR MARCO. DEMOCRATS, if you don't want Marco to be a US Senator (scary) you MUST vote for Charlie. He has always been a moderate, and will be in the US Senate. VOTE CHARLIE!


Hell no Rubio! You can't fix eight years of Bush in two years.

True Blue

Meek's new ad should be titled "LOST IN THE GLADES"

Kendrick, save your money.


Hey Floridians! Good News!! You don't have 'to worry' about voting for either Kendrick Meek, Charlie Crist, or Marco Rubio!!!

Why? Because the Libertarian Party's 'very principled' Alex Snitker is a candidate in this race too!!! He's running a really aggressive campaign!! Here's his current TV ad!


Claudia Gold

Great ad! He would have my vote if I still lived in Florida.

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