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Memo to Rick Scott: Illegal immigration down in FL

The non-partisan Pew Hispanic Center reports today that the flow of illegal immigrants into the U.S. was nearly two-thirds smaller between 2007 and 2009 than it was between 2000 and 2005.

That means there are 8 percent fewer illegals in the U.S., down to 11.1 million in 2009, which the report calls "the first significant reversal in the growth of this population over two decades."

In Florida, the number of undocumented workers shrank from 1.05 million in 2008 to 675,000 in 2009.

Full report here.Download 126


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Don't you mean it's up?

From the study:

“Despite the recent decline, the population of unauthorized immigrants was nearly a third larger (32%) in 2009 than in 2000, when it numbered 8.4 million. The size of this group has tripled since 1990, when it was 3.5 million.”

And the high end range for Florida is 725 million.

The worst part is that the study estimates the unemployment rate for illegales at 10% or so, slightly higher than legals or citizens.

At a 15% unemployment rate, such as we might have here in Florida, that means somewhere between 575,000 and 615,000 are probably working somewhere here!


Unemployment up 100% - Illegal immigration down 8% - What does that number tell you, Ms. Miami Herald typepad??

Bloggy Bayou

Florida Governor Debates: I Smell A Dead Skunk



George Fuller

The numbers are inconsequential since no one knows for sure and never will how many are here. All of the numbers are a SWAG:

Scientific Wild A** Guess......

The goal now is to put laws in effect so the ones here leave voluntarily and no others are attracted to come here.

That means we need to get mandatory e-verify passed so all jobs will go to legal workers.

Without jobs the illegal aliens self deport. You will not get Pew to say Floridians have paid over $20 BILLION in the last decade to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal aliens but they have and enough is enough!

We have baby sat the illegals long enough for the countries from where they came and it is time they go back home.

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