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Mystery PAC loves USA, hates Klein

A mysterious PAC has entered the race against Democratic U.S. Rep. Ron Klein. "We love USA" PAC filed a report with the Federation Election Commission showing it has spent $32,904 on Sept. 24 for media production and ad space and lists Klein as the candidate supported or opposed by the expenditure.

A glance at the weloveusa.com website shows they're clearly against Klein -- it shows Nancy Pelosi pulling puppet strings attached to Klein. The site appears to lay some of the blame for increasing gas prices at Klein's feet stating that "Floridians are paying twice as much at the pump as when Ron Klein came into office in 2006." The ad is somewhat confusing -- it talks about skyrocketing prices at the gas pump, states Klein sponsored an amendment that allowed price gouging and then cites H.R. Bill 3355 which is about the homeowners defense act which as far as we can tell is about homeowners insurance and not gas prices. And it includes blurry photo of a man -- could be Klein? -- look at prices at the gas pump.

We'd like to talk to the creators of the website but aren't certain who they are. The links on the website for contact and press releases didn't work late Friday so we're not sure who is behind the group. We called treasurer Nancy Watkins to ask who was behind the group and she said she forwarded our contact information but we haven't heard back.

A third party group attacking Klein could help his Republican challenger Allen West who has about $2.25 million cash on hand compared to Klein's warchest of about $2.8 million. West has raised more this cycle than his opponent but Klein carried over money from his last race.


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Micheal  Halpryn

I saw there website. The statement about Pelosi and Ron Klein are on the money. The guy is a clone of her. This is dangerous for south florida. I prefer a military vet for 22 years over some pelosi loving lawyer. Klein should be ashamed of claiming he is an Israel supporter as his family of obama and pelosi crucify netanyahu and Israel. A supporter of the enemies of Israel is an enemy himself. I am sick of him claiming "I am Jewish" "i am one of you" You are one of them!!!!!!!!!


I'm glad to see regular people coming together for a cause they believe in. An individual is limited to what he can donate to a candidate, yet, Obama and Pelosi can go to wealthy athlete Alonzo Mourning's home and can raise up to $32,800 per person for Klein's campaign. I'm going to donate to the we love usa people because I share the same concerns. Klein must be very desperate to have 2 of the most hated figures of our government come down to raise money for him.


Klein is very much pro-Israel.
Klein-like most Israelis- want an end to the war and have a secure peace for Israel.
Klein also supported Israel's raid of the boat that was carrying arms for the terrorists.
On the other hand, West looks at every Muslim in America as the enemy and does not want an end to the Middle East War. Does that make West a supporter of Israel? I think not.
Go Klein and supporter the real pro-Israel candidate- Ron Klein.


Allen West for congress :) He's the man


Allen West is a man who will listen to the needs of the people and will work for you and your best interest not his own agenda and the agenda Pelosi and Obama have set in place , as Mr. Klein has shown he will do. Let's make sure we put Allen West in that seat to stop the agenda at hand. I can't think of a more honorable man to have on our side than Colonel Allen West.


Allen West is a man who stands for this country and does not stand for himself, which in this day and time is very refreshing. He will do what is right and will get our country back to its roots. West for Congress!

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