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National Review to Charlie Crist: Strip our name from your ad.

Charlie Crist's decision to include a citation from the Nationa Review in an attack ad on Marco Rubio and Kendrick Meek has the conservative pub pretty annoyed. Editor Rich Lowry said the quote attributed to the National Review was actually a case in which the National Review was quoting the St. Petersburg Times (technically, it was a Miami Herald-generated story in partnership with the Times-Herald Borg, but alas, poor Yorick).

it shouldn’t have surprised me when I saw your recent attack ad on Marco Rubio misleadingly attribute the headline “IRS Investigating Rubio Expenditures” to National Review. A minute of research would reveal that the piece referenced, posted on National Review Online on April 21, 2010, consisted of an attributed quotation from the St. Petersburg Times and a response from the Rubio campaign.

It should have been obvious that the attribution belonged to the Times. Instead, you used the reputation of National Review to attempt to undermine Rubio’s support among conservatives. Your tactic is even more tawdry considering nothing ever came of the Times story, and not even the faintest whiff of wrongdoing has attached itself to Rubio.

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Is there NOTHING Charlie won't say or do to stay in office?


Where did anybody get the idea that he is a nice guy and that he cares about anybody but himself. He is the most egocentric person in Florida and will throw anyone under the bus. His reply will be - this is just "silly". He actually looks worried for a change wondering what kind of job he'll get next. Meanwhile, his lack of a work ethic as the Governor of a large state with one of the largest unemployment rates, foreclosures on the rise, medicare fraud, etc, etc, at hand - but he is available by cell phone!!!! Empty Chair Charlie. Same MO for every office he's held. One term Ed. Commissioner, one term AG, one term Governor, now there is no next office for him.

Boycott Marco Rubio

That's right !!! Any business that has a Rubio sign, refuse to do business with them. They have a right to the sign, and we have a right to take our business elsewhere. Tell your friends, neighbors and co-workers. Boycott Marco Rubio!!!


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