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Planned Parenthood applauds "Taliban Dan" ad

The Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates is applauding Orlando Democrat Alan Grayson for his newest campaign ad -- a hard hitting piece that likens his Republican opponent, Dan Webster -- to a member of the Taliban.

"Congressman Grayson reminds Central Florida voters of Webster’s long-standing effort to restrict women’s access to reproductive health care in a new campaign video released this weekend," Planned Parenthood said. "Dan Webster is too extreme for the women of Central Florida and will be too extreme for the women of this nation,” says Stephanie Kunkel, the group's executive director.

Some may consider the ad extreme:  


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Orlando Day Spa and Salon

"Dan Webster is too extreme for the women of Central Florida and will be too extreme for the women of this nation,” - As an Orlando resident, I believe that Dan is way too extreme and the commercial says it all.


Planned Parenthood is also extreme- no- they do not "Control" all women, just they ones they determine are "feebleminded" or "morons", who their founder Margaret Sanger decided were "unfit" and not to bear children. Sanger was a NOTED Klan speaker whose name is used in Planned Parenthood's highest award ! Planned Parenthood took referrals from the Eugenics Society who was later knows to have forcefully sterilized over 60,000 people mostly black women ! Learn about Planned Parenthood's racist and eugenic history and you will see something more vile and vicious and dangerous than any politician. Planned Parenthood has NO RIGHT to throw stones at ANYONE ! Watch the powerful documentary Maafa21 to get some of the racist ideology about this group- see clip here http://www.maafa21.com


LOL! It is what it is.

Art miami

After extensive cut and paste Grayson managed to get a t.v. spot that gave exactly the opposite of what Dan said.I saw the full statement and was shocked that they were even trying to portray that as a true position. Sleazy as Grayson is there are worse in Government , and the weak minded keep sending them back for another term in office. Planned Parenthood is signed up with The Rockefeller Brothers Un-finished Agenda"1988" you can google it ,and see they want a small population on the planet. The political elite consider us working class citizens as "WORTHLESS EATERS" and wish to limit the Earths population to 500 million.. don't take my word for it..look it up!!

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