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PolitiFact: Rick Scott's claim that stimulus didn't create jobs "Pants on Fire"

When Rick Scott said: "The stimulus has not created one private sector job," he was treading dangerous ground, according to PolitiFact Florida, which labeled the claim so outrageous it earned a Pants on Fire. Read it here. 


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Come on show the right website

George Fuller

Today Fox News said for $111 Million in stimulus 55 jobs were created.......My response is they didn't vreate a single job......they bought jobs......why not just give 111 people $1 million and forget about it......


Because that's Fox News, the Republican propaganda machine... or more accurately, the rich man's propaganda network.


I agree with George Fuller but let's take it a step further. Rick Scott has so far spent about $40 million on his campaign. How about give 40 people $1 million and forget about it......

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