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Rasmussen poll: Scott leads Sink by 6

On the heels of a Mason-Dixon poll showing Alex Sink with a 7-point lead over Rick Scott, comes a poll from Rasmussen Reports (whose polls tend to lean Republican) showing nearly the opposite: Scott with a 50-44 edge. The firm polled 750 likely Florida voters on Sept. 22 with a MoE of +/-4 percentage points.

The poll shows that, despite a divisive primary, Scott has consolidated his Republican base. Rasmussen also has this interesting point: "Scott posts a 21-point lead over Sink among voters not affiliated with either major political party."


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Another example of the Garbage Polls produced by Rasmussen. Only poll that shows him ahead.
Rasmussen = Zero Credibility


But we only asked bigoted, racist, know-nothing, right wingnuts conseratives, so why is Rick doing so badly???????

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