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Dem-leaning group's poll shows Klein ahead of West

A new poll shows U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, a Democrat, ahead of Republican Allen West by 48 to 43 percent. The poll of about 500 voters was conducted Sept. 20-22.

The poll was done by Harstad Strategic Research and commissioned by "Project New West'' -- which doesn't relate to West's name and is a private research company based in Denver. The company's website says it is focused on eight states -- none of them Florida. Jill Hanauer, the president of Project New West, wouldn't disclose the client who paid for the poll but she described her clients as "Democratic-oriented." Hanauer worked for the Democratic National Committee in the past, according to the company's website.

Paul Harstad said neither campaign paid for the poll.

Here is what Harstad Strategic Research wrote in a memo about the poll:

Harstad Strategic Research conducted a telephone survey among 504 likely voters in Florida’s 22nd Congressional District from September 20 to 22, 2010. The survey was conducted for Project New West.

The survey shows Democrat Ron Klein leading by 48% to 43% for Republican Allen West, with 9% undecided.

Among the 71% of our sample who actually voted in the November 2006 midterm election, Klein’s lead holds at 48% to 43%.

Our sample accurately reflects the party composition of the district, with a 40% plurality of registered Republicans compared to 38% registered Democrats. Klein does much better among registered Democrats (ahead 82% to13%) than West does among registered Republicans (ahead 74% to 15%). But the pivotal bloc of Independents clearly leans toward Klein, preferring him by 51% to 38% for West.


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Allen West is an awful man and a radical ideologue. He has embarrassed our country (nearly resulting in his court marshal and receiving a multi-thousand dollar fine), he has embarrassed his family by telling women that he doesn't sleep with his wife, not paying his taxes (his wife is a financial planner!), not paying his bills, resulting in numerous liens and lawsuits, and he will embarrass our country again should he get elected.

While he might be popular with the far-right side of the tea party and Sarah Palin, he is not a suitable candidate for federal office. He advocates for the violent overthrow of our government. THIS MAN IS JUST NOT SAFE!


Allen West = good America

Allen West served this country with honor. He admits discharging his firearm near the head of terrorist under interrogation wasn't the right thing to do, but it got results that saved lives. He did NOT embarrass the country.

Ron Klein on the other had is a radical party ideologue who is a danger to America. Vote for Allen West who only has the best interests of the country at heart, not Ron Klein who only has the interests of Nancy and he hard-left liberal allies at heart.

Lynn Anderson

Whoever wrote that negative attack about patriot, Col. Allen West, is a total left-winged regressive progressive MORON. What Klein did was reprehensible. His continued attack ads on TV are lies because they don't tell the whole truth. Has Ron Klen ever been behind in a debt? Col. West paid off that lien in 2 months. He didn't ask for a hand-out like all the Dems do giving to deadbeat banks, developers, etc. and putting our country in jeopardy with a $13 trillion dollar debt. Lying spinmasters shouldn't be elected to office. Let's elect Allen West, a true American. Let's get 7 more points and win on November 2 and get our country back on track and respected once again. Throw the tax and spend bums out.

Bob dehler

Throw out all the Politicians that passed the 700 Billion stimulus bill and the OBAMACARE bill without even READING IT !!!!

We deserve better and are tired of the lies and arrogance of EVERYONE in CONGRESS --throw out all dirty incumbents...


West for President!!! They don't come any better than this man of honor!


Man of honor? My how low the radical extremists are willing to go to dehumanie our society. Now bullying violence, mistreatment of women, cheating people out of money you owe them, and indiifference to human suffering has become heroic. West is a narcissist who has nothing good or healthy for this country. Klein is thankfully his opposite.

Common Sense for All

The only thing Klein has been good at in Congress is naming post offices and saying the Pledge of Allegiance, notice I said "saying" and not "leading" or believing for that matter. Klein voted for Obamacare, voted for Bailouts, voted for Stimulus, voted for anything Pelosi wanted. I couldn't care less if the opponent was an alcoholic, womanizing, dead beat (please note that is generic and NOT directed at West) as long as he/she has NO ties or obligations to ANY special interest. It would be even better if they had NO interest in being a politician either. I say vote out ANY career politician, and Klein is one of the biggest, so Good'Bye Yellow Brick Road...bring back Red, White and Blue pride and exceptionalism! Good luck Mr. West, I'm a sure vote for you!

Chip Bertelle

If you believe in limited government, low taxes, fiscal responsibility,personal liberty and freedom, then Alan West is your man. Now is your time to say NO to the Obama agenda or wreckless spending and fiscal policy, rejection of the free market in favor of socialism and loss of personal freedom.


Allen West is a thoughtful intelligent man who served his country overseas. His positions are much more moderate than what Klein's campaign would have you believe. Allen West is a thoughtful gentleman whereas Ron Klein is a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi.


Allen West is a true patriot. Ron Klein's ads have been the usual belittling type that he's known to do. What about the large number of voters who received a mailer from the Klein campaign with Allen's SS# and his wife's employee ID # in the mailer. Yeah, sure, Klein is the one I'd vote for. Not

Nelson Martin

What type of candidates does the Tea Baggers nominate for office Look at their candidates in Deleware, Navada,Colorado and West in Florida. Who in right mind would nominate these characters. Need I say more.

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