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Rick Scott's writes another $1.1 million -- easily forgotten -- check to his camp

How many people would like to have this kind of problem? You write a $1.1 million check and it's not a memorable moment. That appears to be the situation with Republican candidate for governor Rick Scott, who, when asked last week if he'd written another check to cover a new ad buy, told St. Petersburg Times reporter Steve Bousquet: "I don't know."

His report tonight shows he wrote a $1.1 million check to his campaign Sept. 14, four days before he was asked, bringing his total personal loan to $40 million -- not including the help from his wife's political committee. The Republican Party of Florida also appears to making good on its promises to work with Scott. It steered $274,825 in soft money to Scott's campaign last week while Scott raised $184, 714 in hard cash.

By contrast, Democrat Alex Sink raised $386,222 for the period between Sept. 11 and Sept. 17, including $381, 713 in cash. This brings her total raised to $8.6 million with about $5.5 million left in cash on hand.

Both campaigns spent drained large chucks of cash from their campaigns accounts this week as they each launched three television ads, turning up the heat with a barrage of new ads.


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So what will he buy with all that money more attack TV ads. But wait is he going to far. Misleading, slanted rubbish from his camp is like getting dumped with a garbage truck. Sure must have some personal problems if you have to have mommie do the TV ads for baby. I don't buy what Rick Scott sells. He is a liar. A filthy liar with a criminal past. Sure he got out of the iron grips of the FBI who could not catch him at Columbia/HCA. The FBI only spent nine years. Remember that criminals who are career criminals have a tendancy to keep on doing it until they are in prison. Rick Scott in 1997 said this regarding his crimes at Columbia/HCA:
We don't know anything. We don't know what the allegations are."
If you believe that nonsense you must be a die hard Republican and can believe just about anything.

Had enough

This should be Scott's motto "I don't know".


The FL GOP is keeping its false ad about Sink and the pension fund even after it is proven untrue. I always figure if someone has to make up stuff about someone else to win, they must be pretty desperate and not have any honest negatives to report. Therefore, their pension ad convinces me SHE is the best candidate for gov.


Listen, he stole that money from the taxpayers and it's only fair that he spend it trying to B.S. the voters into giving him their tax dollars to steal.

And he should be our Gov.???????????????

Instant Payday Loan

I do not see the sense in allotting so much money for campaign methods to win a position. Let's say they would spend half a billion just to awaken the awareness of the voters that they exist and did this and that. Is it worth it? Half a billion can feed Africa that sure is worth the price and as for the results, the whole world not just your land would know you exist. But very few would accept such tactic during campaign and end up with large amounts of personal loan that is hard to pay because of the high priced interest. So, before going for a loan check first all options and compare percentage of interest to know which one is the best and learn to spend it wisely.

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