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Rivera, Garcia square off on the issues

In the aftermath of the primary elections, District 25 congressional candidates David Rivera and Joe García said that the economy and unemployment are the main issues in a race attracting national attention.

Another key issue: a proposed Free Trade Agreement with Colombia that could generate business and jobs to South Florida.

But besides the Colombian issue, the candidates have different ideas about how to improve the economy.

Republican Rivera wants to reduce federal spending and taxes to small businesses, while García, the Democratic candidate, wants to give loans to small business and invest in alternative energy.

Both candidates are after the seat left vacant by Republican Mario Diaz-Balart, who represented the district for eight years.

"It has been identified as one of the races that could decide which party controls the U.S. House of Representatives, where ideological lines are clearly drawn,'' said Susan MacManus, a professor of political science at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Full story by Melissa Sanchez here.


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Kendall Voter

This is the same David Rivera that CBS 4 profiled as using his car to run a delivery truck off the road on the Palmetto Hwy during rush hour. This guy endangered other people lives for his own political gain.


This is the same Joe Garcia that raised utility rates as a corrupt member of the PSC and has never been able to hold a job himself. His wife pays all his bills. This guy has endangered his families financial future for his own political gain.

Kendall Voter

Javi, I will take that fight head to head any day of the week. You guys are such losers.


Garcia is a puppet of the administration, & Rivera is nuts. It's the lesser of 2 evils. I'm a dem but don't think I'd vote for Joe. He's a nice guy but I don't want a rubber stamp in DC. Garcia is the Obama administration, straight from the dept of energy. It's an open seat this time so maybe he can pull it off, but I think the enthusiasm isn't there w the dems & if he couldn't do it on Obama's coat tails, I don't think he can do it alone. But best of luck...I just think more r's will go to the polls. Sorry Joe, but even against a nut case, I think I'll still lose.

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