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Ron Saunders: Power-hungry GOP would back 'convicted child molester' for governor

State Rep. Ron Saunders, a Key West Democrat and the incoming House minority leader, was remarking about the lightning-quick speed -- "hypocrisy," Saunders called it -- with which Republican supporters of Bill McCollum flocked to Rick Scott's side after Scott won the GOP primary.

Many of those erstwhile McCollum people -- like House Speaker-designate Dean Cannon -- had been critical of Scott's qualifications to run the soon-to-be-third largest state in the U.S.

"It could be a convicted child molester, and if he was the Republican nominee for governor, they would be there -- Kumbaya," Saunders said. "They care more about the power of the office than they do about the person. They would support anybody against Alex Sink."

Cannon's texted response: "Outrageous comments like that only serve to foster ill will and discontent among voters. It is unfortunate that Rep. Saunders is engaging in that type of embarrassing rhetoric." 

-- Steve Bousquet


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Murray Red

I wonder if the people of HD 120 would still support Ron Saunders if they knew he is a Tallahassee resident?


I reckon Ron knows a thing or two about child molesters from all those very young "women" he's "dated" over the years.

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