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GOP special interests get to work and raise $1 million for Scott's political committee

The big guns are back, this time writing checks to Republican Rick Scott's political committee, "Let's Get to Work."  Since the primary, Scott has raised $1 million for his 527 committee from an assortment of the very special interests he berated Attorney General Bill McCollum for being too close to.

The checks come from health care, sugar, truckers and even the perennial favorite, the National Safety Commission, (which has had that comfortable contract with the Department of Highway Safety to provide drivers license training to teens.)

The Florida Liberty Fund, the political committee controlled by Rep. Dean Cannon, the designated House speaker, forked over $250,000. Another $250,000 came from Michael B. Fernandez, a Coral Gables executive who manages a private equity firm that specializes in investing in health care services companies. Florida Crystals, the sugar cane grower who wants U.S. Sugar's Everglades deal tanked, gave $100,000.

Many of Florida's traditional Republican brass contributed as well: Wayne Huizenga, the Waste Management and AutoNation mogul, gave $100,000. Green Solar Transportation, the mysterious start-up that indirectly gave to McCollum via Cannon and Sen. Mike Haridopolos, also gave $100,000. (The company's office constantly answers with a "we're too busy to answer" message.) Dick Nunis, the former Disney exec, gave $10,000. Blue Cross and Blue Shield gave $50,000 and Incepture Inc., another healthcare consultant, gave $50,000.

Scott reported spending the money primarily on a long list of consultants, including political and media advisors.

Democrat Alex Sink's political committee, Hold Them Accountable, has raised a total of $61,500 -- $57,500 of it since the primary. The largest contribution comes from Coastal Construction Group, a Miami-based general contractor. That committee has reported spending nothing yet.


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Robert Jenkins

So the person the Rpof just last month called crooked; is now Da Maaaaan? I'd agree with the Tea Parties message of renewal; if indeed it was so. It to me is not; it's more like recycling. So, I must say this; recycled products, are generally, some one elses trash that have been scrubbed up to look new and useful.


R Jenkins - "recycled products, are generally, some one elses trash"


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