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Sink a no-show, Meek welcomes Biden

Index Vice President Joe Biden touches down in Hollywood today to raise money for U.S. Senate candidate Kendrick Meek and other Florida Democrats. At a time when some Democrats are wary of appearing too close to the administration -- like gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink, who won't be there and kept her distance from President Obama when he recently visited -- Meek is less cautious.

"I think it's a compliment,'' Meek said yesterday. "I think it's an honor that the vice president would come raise money for my campaign. We're not going to get double-armed distance from the president."

Remember that Meek is in a three-way race against Republican Marco Rubio and Gov. Charlie Crist, so he doesn't need Obama-unfriendly Republican voters to win. In contrast, Sink is in a two-way race against Republican Rick Scott and is dependent on crossover support. Her campaign says she has "events and speaking engagements" in Orlando and Lakeland today.

Biden is slated to address about 500 Democrats at the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa at 3 p.m. Doors open at noon. The take, expected to be roughly half a million dollars, goes to the Florida Democratic Party.

Before hanging with the Democratic slate -- except Sink -- Biden is slated to raise money in Miami for the Delaware Democrat  who wants to replace him in the Senate, Chris Coons. Why does Coons have to come all the way to Miami to raise money for his campaign against tea party favorite Christine O'Donnell? Because, as Willie Sutton said of robbing banks, "That's where the money is."


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Moderate Democrat

Doens' help Meek who mis too weak to take on Rubio.

Saint Petersblog

Watch it here: Charlie Crist launches TV ad attack on Kendrick Meek, Marco Rubio http://bit.ly/bApvJo


November election results:

Crist - 42%

Meek - 33%

Rubio - 25%

Teabaggers - 0%

jeb bush - less than zero.

Terrence Frymyer

I have to question John up on her comment as being a little

Terrence Frymyer

I have to question John up on her comment as being a little

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