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Sink declines to say much about Chiles

Democratic nominee for governor Alex Sink, campaigning in Miami today, wouldn't say much about the expected announcement from Bud Chiles today that he is dropping out of the race.

Asked about their recent meeting, she said, "We had a good meeting. We talked about all the things, the common concerns we have for our state, the economy, he's very interested in renewable energy policy, children's issues..."

Would he have siphoned off Democratic votes? "It's hard to say about that. The poll numbers were all up and down. It's hard to speculate."

Will he play a role in your campaign/potential administration? "That's pretty premature. We''ll have to wait and see what his decision is later today... Our conversation was more about the state of Florida, the economic situation, and the issues that he has publicly said he is most concerned about. We found a lot of commom ground."


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Somebody I read said that with Chiles out we now have the choice between:

a) Tweedle-Deep-Pockets and
b) Tweedle-Dem-Politics


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