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Sink's education plan would reform FCAT influence, emphasize communities

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink envisions an education system in Florida where at-risk students have incentives to stay in school, better-trained teachers get performance-based raises and school buildings become community centers.

She also wants to use technology to enhance school curriculum and wants FCAT scores to not be the only measure of a school's success.

Those are the core elements of the wide-ranging education reform plan Sink will unveil Wednesday at a campaign event at Miami Dade College. Her Republican opponent, Rick Scott, has not announced his education plan.

Sink told the Herald/Times that her plan emphasizes returning control of the school system to local communities ``instead of the top-down system of micromanagement and unfunded mandates that we have seen for too long from Tallahassee politicians.'' More here.


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We need to focus on our students education. I do not believe in the F-Cat testing. Our children have enough to worry about then taking a test to move on to the next grade. Focus and concentrate on the real concerns of what they need. Our children are our future!

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