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"The devil wears taupe": Fidel and Raul come in for a fashion critique

Foreign Policy looks at the clothing favored by the world's dictators, including the brothers Castro.

"Fidel and Raúl Castro have for decades set the standard in dress for guerrillas-turned-autocrats," the site writes. "Their classic olive-green and biege military uniforms, clearly pulled from some Batcave-like closet filled with rows upon rows of identical outfits, have been adopted across the globe.

"Raúl, the current Cuban president, still mostly sticks with the old standard, though he occasionally dons sleek Western suits for more formal occasions and is partial to the simple guayabera, a traditional Latin American short-sleeved button-down shirt.

"Fidel, in his twilight years, occasionally dresses down a bit, perhaps reflecting his attempts to transform himself from pariah to statesman. Maybe it's just the elastic waistband: These days, you can even see the former Commandante rocking a Carl Lewis-like tracksuit. According to the Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg, 'Fidel is the guy who looks like Fidel if Fidel shopped at L.L. Bean.' "