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The Norman Braman recall: Will he or won't he?

Now that Miami-Dade County has signed off on a budget proposal that includes a tax-rate hike, will businessman Norman Braman and others move forward with a threatened recall effort against Mayor Carlos Alvarez and the eight commissioners who favored the increase?

Braman has scheduled a news conference for 10 a.m. Monday morning. But he didn't sound like someone backing down at a Sunday morning interview on WPLG-ABC 10, criticizing the commission for raising salaries.

"I'm not saying that police and fire shouldn't receive a proper salary, but it could have been postponed," Braman said, calling the budget's 1 percent cut to operations "ludicrous." Braman was coy about his decision, saying he and a group of other like-minded people are "considering all of our options."

County Commissioner Katy Sorenson -- who voted for the budge proposal and tax-rate hike and was also on the show, This Week in South Florida -- said the spending plan was a balance of trying to keep social services while raising taxes on less than half of the county's property owners.

In a recession, she said, the county needs to look out for those who are worst off: "Those are the people who really need [help], and they're not property owners."


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Mr. Mayor, Miami Dade County is one of the cities with the HIGHEST unemployment rate in the nation!! Take the example from the New York CITY POLICE DEPT. & the city of NEW ORLEANS POLICE DEPT.,= "they DO NOT ALLOW OFFICERS 2 TAKE SQUAD CARS HOME"!
Mr. Norman Braman, we are ready to back you up Sir!


There's nothing you can do to get rid of retiring Katie ("the millage is not high enough") Sorenson, but you can definitely vote to keep her clone and protege, Eugene Flinn, from replacing her on the Commission and grabbing your wallet on Election Day.

You don't know much about him you say? - This is the same guy who is spending $10 Million dollars to house just 26 employees in his new "green" Palmetto Bay Village Hall. How does that grab ya?

"Birds of a Feather..." You know the rest.

The Best thing you can do to show YOUR displeasure at Sorenson for raising OUR TAXES is to vote LYNDA BELL on November 2nd! Punch # 106


I have sent an email to EVERY Miami-Dade commissioner, praising the ones who voted against the tax increase, & expressing my concern to those who are irresponsible.
I am ready to get out there with a clipboard for the recall effort when Mr. Brahman tells me to go.

miguel mayor

miami was and always will be the most corrupted city in the world

James Robert Richardson

I would like to know how to sign and I will donate time to help. Soemone please post information on how to contact Mr Braman and to help him go after all who voted for the increase. Let them cuat wages. I have been out of work for almost two years and will take over any of the jobs for a third or less than they are getting paid


I voted for Mr Alvarez and some of the Commissioner. I am appalled that these "dumb wits" think, that if they go after the property owners, the economy will be better. On the contrary, they are only after a bigger paycheck; for themselves. They are not interested in schools or the old. The only thing they are interested in, is lining their pockets with the sweat of the middle class. Anyway, let them continue to tax. Eventually, I won't care to pay for my mortgage. I am next on the foreclosure list. That happens when there is no checks & balances on corruption of government officials. "It's a free for all"

Carlos Enriquez

Mr.Braman tell me where I can volunteer to recall this Mayor who is threatening the economic future of Dade County residents.Dade County residents pay over twice as much in appraised property tax values than in Monroe County where I have a home.You would think with the economic of scales that Dade county government would operate more efficiently.I am tired of paying higher and higher property taes because our local govrrnment represent themelves instead of the taxpayer.

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