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Two years out, Bill Nelson raises cash in Miami

He's not on the ballot this year, but that isn't stopping Sen. Bill Nelson from raising money for his re-election. The Florida Democrat will be in Palmetto Bay Village Monday at a $500 per person fundraiser.

He's already got more than $2.7 million socked away for 2012 and there's speculation that Sen. George LeMieux -- a Charlie Crist appointee -- will challenge him.

Nelson came under criticism from some in his own party in 2006 for not spreading the wealth: that August he had $12 million socked away for his race against former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, who ran a rather underwhelming (but wildly entertaining) campaign.


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Run Jeb run!


Oh yes, please do.


That "Bush" name is so,so,so HA,HA,HA,HA - I just can't stop laughing.

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