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Zapata: I think Jennifer Carroll is Scott's LG

 Juan Zapata, an often-mentioned contender to be Rick Scott's running mate, said he probably wouldn't take the job if it were offered to him. "I'm pretty much done with Tallahassee."

He said theres a last minute push for Kim Berfield but that Jennifer Carroll is his favorite. Carroll had a diploma-paperwork issue in her past, but Zapata said her positives outweigh the negatives: A black Republican military woman from a conservative area.

"I'd say he's 60-70 percent there," said Zapata, who has known Scott for years and spoke with him frequently during the Republican primary.

Scott's delegates have reached out to one person who likely turned them down: Toni Jennigs. She hasn't returned calls and had Oscar finally call me last week to say no comment. There were also a smattering of possible picks in Central Florida -- commissioners and prosecutors. But no go. Scott's personal attorney is helping to vet the candidates.

Marc Caputo


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sorry marc but you're sniffing up the wrong tree. his first choice is a woman but not carroll. scott cannot close the deal and is now working down the list


Juan Zapata was mentioned by NO ONE as an LG candidate. Typical Caputo spinning rumor instead of news.

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