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Alex Sink IDs fired staffer, Brian May, says she didn't mean to break debate rules

Alex Sink just confirmed that the staffer she fired afterr last night's debate was Brian May, who had sent a text message/email to the Droid of her make-up artist, who in turn shared it with the Democrat amid the gubernatorial debate last night.

The incident had a double irony for Sink: 1) May signed the debate agreement that essentially outlawed the message-passing, 2) Sink has spent considerable time and political capital trying to make Scott out to be the cheater due to the Medicare fraud in the past of his former company, Columbia/HCA.

When Republican Rick Scott saw what happened he complained that Sink broke the rules, claiming to the studio audience that she was shown a message on an iPad (it was, again, a Droid, so the Republican Party of Florida's catchy "iCheat" moniker is a no-go).

May (a Miami-Dade lobbyist, and former staffer in Bill Nelson's office when he was insurance commissioner) started working with the campaign this spring and served as a top advisor to Sink.

Sink said she didn't know about the message or its contents until she was shown the message. We didn't get much time for follow up because, Sink said, she had a plane to catch and she spent most of her explanation laying into Scott for what she said was his characterization of Panhandle residents as whiners from the oil spill. More later


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As Officer Barbrady would say, "nothing to see here, move along."

Lady Libert

Typical Demo RAT, deny deny and then fire someone. God forbid should they admit to cheating..


Droid does!... allow you to cheat.


Brian May's Clients that he represents before the state of Florida

United States Sugar Corporation
Effective: 01/20/2010

Community Health South Florida, Inc
Effective: 01/20/2010

Florida Insurance Council
Effective: 01/20/2010

U. S. RE Companies, Inc
Effective: 01/20/2010


Once again Sink had a choice to make and She cheated. She knew the rules and could have done the right thing. She chose poorly. Now She refuses to take responsibility once again for her actions and passes the buck to someone else.

Debbie in Miami Dade

Brian May's Biography
Partner at Barreto Cunningham May Dudley
Company Address:
108 South Monroe Street, Suite 200
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Prior to forming Floridian Partners, Brian May spent the last decade working in state and local government and politics at various high level positions. Brian's most recent public position was as Chief of Staff to Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Penelas where he was the architect for many of the Mayor's leading initiatives. These included a landmark deal to build a new privately financed basketball arena, the Mayor's strong crime fighting plan known as Safe Streets/Clean Sweep and a 1997/1998 County Budget that held the line on taxes, cut $60 million in expenses, and promoted strong efficiency measures through the formation of the Mayor's Efficiency and Competition Commission. Prior to becoming Chief of Staff, May served as Campaign Manager for Penelas' successful campaign to be the first ever Executive Mayor for Miami-Dade County. In 1992, May was the key strategist for then Commissioner Penelas' effort to create the executive mayor position through a countywide referendum.Before returning to Miami-Dade County in 1996, May served as Deputy Chief of Staff to State Treasurer and Insurance Commissioner Bill Nelson. Brian served as Nelson's lead advisor to address Florida's homeowner insurance crisis and executed a very successful Nelson initiative to restore the private market and depopulate the state run homeowners' insurance pool. May also served as Campaign Manager for Nelson's statewide election to the office in 1994, as well as his re-election campaign in 1998. Prior to joining Nelson in 1994, May ran the last campaign of South Florida political legend Steve Clark in his successful bid to return as Mayor of the City of Miami in 1993. Upon Clark's election, he served as Chief of Staff to Clark for his first year in office. May maintains his own campaign management business, The Strategic Edge, where he remains as a highly regarded local and statewide consultant. Brian lives in Coral Gables and has one son, Reilly. He was born and raised in Carmel, New York, spent his high school years in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is a graduate of Furman University with degrees in political science and philosophy. He enjoys fishing and golf and serves as Board Member for Greater Miami Catholic Charities.

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This whole fiasco smells fishy. Why would Sink's staffer all of a sudden send this text? Where did the information come from initially? Was this a set-up?

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