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Analyst: House Dems face a potential "bloodbath," the "fatalities" could include Grayson, Kosmas

Stuart Rothenberg: "With a week to go until Election Day, House Democrats face the potential of a political bloodbath the size of which we haven’t seen since the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt."

Among the likely "fatalities" in swing and Republican-leaning districts: Suzanne Kosmas and Alan Grayson in Central Florida. More here.


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Good. Let the blood flow and let the liberals understand that this is a strong rebuke of the policies of Obama/ Pelosi/ Reid. Party of No? No Obamacare; No stimulus; No tax increases; No more debt increases; No socialism. Yes to responsible spending; Yes to the free market; Yes to capitalism; Yes to job development. Yes WE can!


If one of these Beck/Faux News worshipers could just tell us how we have become more Socialist instead of just saying it over and over it would be nice. You got a tax cut this year from the stimulus, Repubs in Tally balanced state budget with the stimulus, Bush passed the Wall Street bailout. You guys are going to get exactly what you wanted. The Bush Recession will become the next Great Depression. Have fun.

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