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As attacks accelerate, ad wars reveal how far gov's candidates will go

One Republican consultant calls the political attack ads between Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Alex Sink the best political show on television. Viewers call those same ads annoying, while campaigns call them crucial.

But the aggressive verbal air war between the candidates for governor waged on Florida's cable channels says more about the candidates than their campaign strategies. It also reveals a bit of their decision-making style.

``A campaign is a reflection of the candidate,'' said Darrell West, a political scientist at the Brookings Institution and author of Air Wars: Television Advertising in Election Campaigns. ``If somebody is shading the truth during the campaign there's a good chance they'll do the same thing in public office.''

In the last week, the race for governor got a little uglier as each side unleashed two of the harshest ads yet aimed at taking down the other with damaging information -- and a new poll shows the ads are working. Story here.