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Atwater ad ties Ausley to Pelosi

Jeff Atwater is out with a new TV commercial hitting CFO opponent Loranne Ausley. The ad tries to link Ausley with U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and says Ausley is a "Tallahassee politician who wants total control of our money. Tough stuff from a campaign that has so far been pretty above board. The ad fails to mention, however, that Atwater's Senate pushed through (in a lean budget year) $2.2 billion in taxes and fees in 2009. Check out the ad (uploaded by the Ausley camp) below the jump.


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Seth Platt

Here we go again,
Republicans have no issue they can stand on that is appealing to Americans. So what do they do? They continually try and vilify candidates by associating them with Nancy Pelosi the FIRST Ever WOMAN Speaker of the US House of Representatives.
It is such a LAME tactic and is clearly not even relevant here as Ausley is not even a member of the US Congress, nor is she seeking that office.
She IS a Woman seeking office.
Republicans want you to be scared of WOMEN in POWER.
Why, because they think it polls well, despite being misogynistic.

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