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Charlie Crist pans decision to lift the drilling ban

From the governor's office: "As long as Gulf Coast residents and businesses are struggling with the claims process and being made whole, the drilling moratorium should not be lifted. Without a thorough
investigation of what exactly caused the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, any drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is a job killer for Florida, not a job creator.

"Even though oil spilled far from Florida’s shores, our tourism and seafood industries received an economic blow.  We simply cannot afford another spill.  Florida is a tourism state, not an oil state, and Floridians deserve to have the opportunity to choose whether we allow drilling off our beautiful beaches, by way of a constitutional amendment."


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Sandra in Aventura

Way to stand up Crist for the environment and Florida's coasts.


Accidents happen. Oil drilling has a 60 year safe record in the Gulf. One of the reasons that the BP disaster happened is that drillers have been forced into more perilous deep water by the likes of Charlie Crist. We need energy independence and oil revenues and jobs. You can't run your car on Pepsi, solar or windpower in spite of what lame envirnoweenies think. Oil will be around for a long time. Get real.

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