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Check out the new Fair Districts TV spot

Fair Districts Florida, the group supporting Amendments 5 and 6, is out with a new TV ad. It juxtaposes support from groups like the League of Women Voters, NAACP and newspaper editorial boards against support from politicians.

The group has raised nearly $7 million and had about a $1 million on hand, according to the latest finance report. Much of the funding has come from liberal donors such as George Soros and unions. An opposition group has raised $1.1 million, including a big check from the Republican Party of Florida. Check out the ad below:


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Allison Smith

While it is true that FairDistricts has raised quite the war chest, it would be better if the Herald would provide a little bit more detail when giving the results of its research. George Soros, the individual, has NEVER given a dime to FairDistricts. It's amazing to me that those opposed to Amendments 5 & 6 continue to pick on FairDistricts for its partisan funding when it has received contributions from over 3,500 diverse FLORIDA organizations and individuals from all over the state. The real interesting fact: Protect Your Vote, Inc., the PAC set up by the politicians opposed to Amendments 5 & 6 have raised $1.8 million from merely SEVEN groups.




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