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Class size amendment to stay on ballot

It took the state Supreme Court only a day to come back with a unanimous opinion -- Amendment 8 that would ease Florida's minimum class size restrictions will stay on the November ballot. The Florida Education Association had challenged the ballot summary, arguing that it didn't tell voters enough about the financial impacts of the changes.

"We conclude that the ballot title and summary accurately represent the chief purpose of the amendment," the court wrote in an unsigned opinion. "It further provides fair notice of what the amendment contains and does not mislead the voters as to the amendment‘s true effect."

It's a victory for the Florida Chamber, legislative leaders and a some education groups, they still have an uphill battle to convince 60 percent of voters to adopt the measure.


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George Fuller

When I attended school classrooms had 30-35 students and the teachers had no assistants.

Something has happened to make educators think they are prima donnas.....tenure so they can't be fired......who else has that perk.....

1/2 our property taxes go to education and they want classroom size to be rigid......tough!

Vote Yes on 8

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