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Crist camp on Mason-Dixon: Not so fast

The Crist campaign is refuting the latest poll to declare the Senate race over, circulating a pre-primary story that showed Bill McCollum with a 45 percent lead over Rick Scott in a Mason-Dixon poll.

We know how that race turned out. 

"The article below details the last time (Mason-Dixon pollster Brad) Mr. Coker spoke in the past tense about a major Florida race right before an election (wasn't quite that long ago when 'Scott's support evaporated'," Crist spokesman Danny Kanner writes. "Quinnipiac, Zogby, and common sense tell us this race is closing. Charlie Crist continues to unite the 60 percent of Democrats, independents, and Republicans who are rejecting the Tea Party extremism of Marco Rubio and want honest, independent leadership in the United States Senate. That's why he will win on Tuesday."




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Nah nah nah nah.. Nah nah nah nah.. Hey hey hey......


Danny....in 5 days you and your boss will go away.


5 days Florida changes from Sunshine State to Tea Party State. How our voters got suckered by the Tea Party astro-turf BS (funded by big banks, corporations, wall street frauds)will be in the history books as the start of the next depression. We went from low information voters to MORONS in two years. God help us.


Seriously, how can anyone take Charlie Crist seriously anymore. He may finish third place.

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