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David Rivera's campaign responds to lawsuit

In a written statement, the campaign for Republican congressional candidate David Rivera is calling the lawsuit filed Thursday morning by supporters of Democratic opponent Joe Garcia baseless.

"Today Joe Garcia conceded defeat in his campaign for Congress," wrote Leslie Veiga, Rivera's communications director. "In his fervor to win, Garcia will do anything. This latest publicity stunt to knock David Rivera off the ballot, just shows that Garcia is a typical Washington-insider who thinks he should get his way - even if it means circumventing the democratic process and suing his way into office.

"Garcia is witnessing how voters are rejecting his candidacy because of continued personal attacks on Rivera and his relentless support for Pelosi's failed economic policies, so his only hope of getting elected is by not having opposition.

"The complaint has no merit and we are confident that it will be thrown out."

Garcia, meanwhile, was not the one who held the news conference earlier on the steps of the courthouse in downtown Miami. Two of his staffers were there, along with lawyers who filed the lawsuit on behalf of Miami attorney and Democratic donor William Barzee and Maria Teresa Pascual to disqualify Rivera based on financial disclosure forms he submitted as state representative.


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Excellent response from the Rivera camp!

Sad but true... and Garcia already lost in that district once before.

Rivera's comeuppance

Oh yeah, I bet Jim Norman thought the lawsuit to knock him off the ballot was "baseless" too!

hahahahahahahaha!!!! Oh, this is rich... and SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH!

People are snickering all over Florida.


Baghdad Leslie Veiga!

It's only a fleshwound....

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