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Fidel Castro orders a Spanish translation of Bob Woodward's Obama book

Thanks to sister blog Cuban Colada: "Bob Woodward's book 'Obama's Wars' has been translated into Spanish in Cuba – in condensed form – by order of Fidel Castro, the Cuban leader says in an article Monday in Granma.

"After the book was released in September, Castro obtained a copy from the Cuban Interests Section in Washington and handed it to 'one of our best English-language translators, asking her to make a special effort to synthesize its contents,' Castro writes. In only three days, the woman condensed the 420-page book into a a 99-page summary 'in 18-point type," according to Castro.

"It would not be possible to understand anything about the current policy of the United States if one ignores the contents of that book," a praiseful Castro says. And "our country will be first in the world to know in an articulated form [its] essential contents."

To publish the condensed version, in Spanish, 'I shall utilize the space in [my] Reflections in the course of several days,' Castro promised. Seven of the 33 chapters are summarized in the first installment, which can be accessed here. A Washington Post article about the book is here.


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